Gender Research and Documentation

In KVINFO’s work gender research is broadly understood to be as academic research, but we also include action research, empirical reports and information collection and production of gender segregated statistics about different matters in the Middle East and North Africa.

The work falls into two main categories:

The production and quality of research and knowledge

KVINFO’s work focuses on the emergence of new data, the environment that is to stipulate new research and the access that existing scholars and researchers have to information in order to produce new knowledge and shed light on relevant issues. KVINFO supports a network for cross-regional and inter-regional academic exchange among young scholars in gender research in order to strengthen the quality of gender research. KVINFO also supports the establishment and running of a research library – a library whose aim is to support one of the few master programs in gender studies in the Arab World.

Dissemination and application of produced knowledge

The second dimension of the coin focuses on how knowledge that is produced can be used to create concrete change. KVINFO enhances the capacities of organizations to improve dissemination of their research and knowledge to relevant target groups. One way of doing this is supporting documentation of women’s organizations and women’s lives, which will enable the preservation of women’s history and cultural heritage. Another way is establishing expert databases that provide access to and make professional women visible in society, as experts and role models. Thereby contributing to breaking down stereotypes.

Through partnerships and networks KVINFO builds capacity and enables knowledge-sharing, training and documentation, collection and dissemination of information. Our methods range from traditional seminars and establishing libraries with physical collections to digital platforms and online activities.


KVINFO’s activities under Gender Research and Documentation take place in Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan.